November 10, 2021

`Dragon Tiger (Oriental Games) Game Review

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Oriental Games is a well-known game developer that operates under a license from the Philippines. All titles coming out of the company’s studios are optimized for mobile and feature eye-catching graphics and quality sound effects. One of the game categories, where OG titles perform exceptionally well is the live dealer games. Recently, the software developer made a long-overdue addition. The Dragon Tiger version by Oriental Games counts as one of the best creations by this developer. We compiled all the details about the game in the sections below.

`Dragon Tiger (Oriental Games) Game Review

Background of Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is an ancient game whose roots can be traced to Asia. The live version made by Oriental games retains the game’s rich history by including elements of Ancient Asian culture. Following this, dragon tiger targets the Asian gaming community across the world. Oriental Game is one of the leading casino game developers in Asia and is quickly rising in popularity. The addition of a game rooted in the region’s history will only strengthen the company’s authority in the Asian market.

How to Play the Game

Dragon Tiger is one of the simplest to play. That is why the game is so popular. Each round requires players to bet on one of two positions; Dragon or Tiger.

After all bets are placed, the dealer closes the betting session. Then, two face-down cards are dealt on the two positions, and after that, the dealer reveals the cards.

Players win if their bet was placed on the position with the biggest value.

However, if both cards are equal, the bets are split halfway between the players and the house. Players get back 50% of their initial bet while the other 50% goes to the house as commission.

Features of Dragon Tiger by Oriental Games

  1. Demo and Real Money Modes

New players can launch the game in demo mode on the developer’s website and enjoy a realistic feel without committing any money. This is a simple game to understand. Even the most inexperienced player can learn all aspects of the game in a few minutes. After feeling confident, the player can switch to the real money mode offered by online casinos and place bets that pay real money.

  1. Viewing Angles

You can switch between different viewing angles in the game. This feature allows players to have the best view of the happenings on the table at any given time.

  1. Game Statistics

Each round is tracked using an in-built monitor. You can view the leaderboard, player profiles, the schedule and follow your favorite players.

  1. Supported Languages

Since Oriental Games primarily targets Asian gamers, the game supports oriental languages such as Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. An English version is also available, making this a game for players worldwide.


Oriental Games’ version of Dragon Tiger is a game every player should try. It retains most of the aspects of the original game and can be opened on mobile devices and PCs. If you don’t understand the default language, switch to English and bet on the position you think will have a higher value at the turn of the cards.

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