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December 29, 2021

Dragon Tiger (HoGaming) Review

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Dragon Tiger is one of the easiest casino games to learn. Therefore, you would understand why developers try to outdo one another in making creative versions of the famous Asian-themed game. HoGaming, a renowned game developer worldwide, introduced HoGaming Dragon Tiger to gaming enthusiasts. The remake brings new opportunities, including a fresh design, unmatched interactiveness, and multiple side bets for high wins. Most features and rules of the original game feature in this variation. For instance, players seek to get more points than their opponents. In a way, you will find that this game closely resembles playing a round of Baccarat. However, the aim is to beat the opposing side rather than get a hand close to nine.

Dragon Tiger (HoGaming) Review

How to Play Live Bodog Dragon Tiger

You can play Bodog Dragon Tiger for fun or real money and stand a chance to win some amazing payouts. Betting limits range from $2 and comes with a maximum bet of $2,000. Here are the steps to place wagers:

  • Set the Bet Size - Your bankroll determines how big or small your bets should be. As a rule of thumb, experts recommend dividing the bankroll into portions big enough to cover the bets for the period you want to play.

  • Placing the Bet - Bodog Dragon Tiger live game gives players a 25 seconds window to place their bets. According to reviews by members who have played the game in the past, the period is more than enough. Placing wagers only requires you to pick one among the six provided chip sizes. Then, place it in the position you want to bet. That is, Dragon, Tiger, or Tie. Lastly, hit confirm to place the bet.

  • Upon expiry of the betting session, the dealer burns one card. Then, she draws a card for the Dragon position and another for the Tiger position.

Winning in Bodog Live Dragon Tiger

Players win if the card in the position they bet on has a higher value than the opposite side. Each position pays an equal amount of the bet. In other words, your stake gets doubled in case of a win.

Settling Tie Bets

Bets in the Dragon and Tiger positions lose half if the outcome is a tie. Therefore, you will get 50% of the stake back. On the other hand, a tie bet pays out in the ratio of 8 to 1 if the outcome is a tie.

Side Bets

All side bets get refunded when the round ends in a tie. Players lose their stakes if the dealer draws a seven. In case of a win, the payouts for each are outlined below:


Bodog Dragon Tiger by Ho Gaming is fun and presents multiple winning opportunities for players. You can learn how to play the game and start placing wagers like a pro in no time. Remember gambling is addictive; Gamble Responsibly

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