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December 1, 2021

How to Play and Win in Live Dragon Tiger

Aria Williams
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If you seek a casino game made for beginners, you should try Dragon Tiger. The simple card game has few rules, and the gameplay is fast-paced. As a result, you can bet in many rounds per hour. Most casinos have low limits on Dragon Tiger tables. Therefore, any beginner starting with a limited bankroll can enjoy multiple rounds in the game. Keep reading for insights on how and where to play Live Dragon Tiger.

How to Play and Win in Live Dragon Tiger

The Rules

The dealer deals only two cards in each round—one in the Dragon position and the other in the Tiger position. Players then place a bet on which of the two cards has a higher value. When the betting session is closed, the cards are revealed and compared to declare who won. Card ranking follows universal conventions, with the lowest card being the Ace (has the value of 1) and the highest being the King.

Betting Options

The basic bets are the positions of Dragon and Tiger with a standard payout ratio of 1:1 in all casinos. If both positions have the same value, that round is considered to be a tie. All bets on the two positions get a 50% refund, and the house takes the other half as commission. Possible side bets include the ones listed below:

  • Tie Bet
  • Dragon or Tiger Big
  • Dragon or Tiger Suit
  • Dragon or Tiger Suit

Live Dragon Tiger Games by Different Developers

Live Dragon Tiger has a huge following worldwide. Due to this, different companies have customized the game to give players a unique experience. All games optimize device compatibility allowing players to place bets on Android or iOS smartphones and PCs.

Live Dragon Tiger by Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is known for creating exceptional live casino games. That comes out clearly in the companies re-creation of Live Dragon Tiger that features professional dealers, synced visual and sound effects, and a high-paying suited pair side bet.

Live Dragon Tiger by Playtech

This game will interact with a live dealer in Playtech’s live casino in Manila, Philippines. The game has multiple side bets, which allows you t spread risk. One of the things to note is that the tie bet has a slightly lower payout ratio set at 10:1, unlike the 11:1 ratio on Evolution Gaming’s version of the game.

Live Drago Tiger by Ezugi

Ezugi tried to retain the majority of the elements in the original game. The tie bet on this version pays the ratio of 8:1 and is the only accepted side bet.

Live Dragon Tiger by XPG

The XPG version of Live Dragon Tiger comprises the ordinary side bets of Odd or Even and Big or Small alongside ranges of winning suits. Payouts on the additional side bets are as high as 3:1, and the house edge is slightly higher than other variations. Unfortunately, XPG games are not available in some countries, such as the UK, due to licensing.


Live Dragon Tiger is the best game to kickstart online gaming. With the simple rules, any beginner can start playing like a pro after a few rounds. Get started today by joining an online casino that hosts any of the games mentioned above. We highly recommend Evolution Gaming’s version because it is readily available and has the best payouts.

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