September 29, 2021

Live Dragon Tiger (Pragmatic Play) Game Review

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Dragon Tiger is an exciting game to play. The betting options are straightforward, allowing new players to learn all the moves within a few minutes. Pragmatic Play introduced a live version of the classic game in early 2021. Live Dragon Tiger is a multiplayer game developed by Pragmatic Play. It became available in online casinos at the end of Spring 2021. It offers a maximum payout ratio of 50:1. The game has oriental-themed graphics and an RTP of 96.27%. Although the game contains no jackpots, it offers players multiple betting options, including optional side bets.

Live Dragon Tiger (Pragmatic Play) Game Review


Some of the basic rules that you ought to know before playing Live Dragon Tiger by Pragmatic Play include:

  • Players bet on the outcome of two cards; the Dragon and Tiger.
  • Players place a basic bet on one of the two cards. The one having a higher outcome wins the bet.
  • Ranking the cards follows conventional the system. In this regard, the ace is the lowest-ranked card, while the king holds the highest rank. Ranking cards in Dragon Tiger does not consider the cards’ suit.


The dealer starts the game by dealing with two cards. One goes to the Dragon side of the table while the other one goes to the Tiger side.

Players then place their bet on the Dragon or Tiger card. In addition, you can place a bet on the outcome being a suited tie. The tie bet wins if the Dragon and Tiger cards have the same value and suit.

Players can also place side bets in Live Dragon Tiger. Here are the acceptable side bets:

  • Dragon Big or Tiger Big: This bet wins if the card delt in that position is an eight or higher
  • Dragon Small or Tiger Small: This bet wins if the card delt in that position is a six or lower
  • Dragon Odd or Tiger Odd: This bet wins if the card in position is A, 3, 5, 9, J, or K.
  • Dragon Even and Tiger Even: This bet wins if the card in position is 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, or Q

An important note regarding side bets is that you can place any bet regardless of your first bet. In addition, you will lose the side bet if 7 shows up in the position.


The suited tie bet is the most profitable in Live Dragon Tiger. It pays in the ratio of 50:1. Bets on either the Dragon or Tiger position pay in the ratio 1:1, which is similar to the side bets’ 1:1 payout.

Play on Mobile

Players can access the game remotely since the game is broadcasted from the Pragmatic Play Live Casino Studio. All you need is stable internet connectivity.

Customer Support

The game’s interface includes a live chat option. Players can communicate directly with the dealer and get help from customer support in case of any problems.


The release of Live Dragon Tiger puts Pragmatic Play ahead of other developers. The game allows players to experience a new betting method on Dragon Tiger and introduces more betting options. You will love the oriental theme and modern feel when you try the game.

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