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December 8, 2021

BetConstruct Live Dragon Tiger Review

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BetConstruct is known to develop epic live games. It was no surprise when they released the live dealer Dragon Tiger in 2019; it received a warm embrace by live dealer gaming lovers across casinos. Overall, Dragon Tiger live is ideal for both low and high rollers. You can bet as high as $2,000 while the theoretical return to the player is 96.27%. Besides, playability while on the go is enhanced owing to mobile optimization. As you read this review, you will get to know the ins and outs of the game and the strategies to maximize your payouts.

BetConstruct Live Dragon Tiger Review

BetConstruct’s Dragon Tiger Key Features

Ideally, Dragon Tiger is a baccarat variant with roots in Asian casinos. BetConstruct’s version is not much different from other comparable versions. Like the regular Baccarat, this game has eight card decks. However, unlike the original Baccarat, cards are dealt once for each side. The main bets are; The Dragon, The Tiger, or a Tie. The first two bets are considered safe and pay even money (1:1). The latter is comparably risky but pays 10:1. Suited Ties pays out 50:1, implying that the bettor gets 50% of the amount put into the stake.

To determine the winner, the virtual live dealer shall draw two cards. If you wagered on the highest card drawn, you would become the lucky winner. If you had wagered on the lower rank card drawn, you automatically lose the bet.

Other BetConstruct Dragon Tiger Bet Options

BetConstruct gives risky players room to try other side bets.

  • Big/small bets. Players predict whether specific cards will be under or over 7. In case the card is seven, the player losses the entire wager.
  • Odd/Bets. These bets operate like small/big ones. If you correctly predict the corresponding card, your chance of winning is odd or even. If it is a 7, your bet loses.
  • Suited Ties. Suited Ties pay 50:1, implying that the bettor gets 50% of the amount put into the stake.

BetConstruct Dragon Tiger Live Strategies

When about to play Dragon Tiger live for real money, consider these tips:

  • Take time to take note of the comprehensive roadmaps that indicate the previous winning hands. Taking time will prove valuable, especially in big/small bets or odd/even bets, as you might get a glimpse of cards already out of the shoe.

  • In your initial gaming rounds, contemplate sticking to the two main bets. The Dragon, Tiger, or. They are less risky as the house edge is 3.73%.

BetConstruct Live Dragon Tiger in Nutshell

If you fancy Baccarat, chances are, Dragon Tiger is your kind of game. Game-play processes are similar only that there are single card dealings for each side in this game. Overall it has a friendly interface that helps you track how the game is going. You can see your bet balance in real-time. Transiting from mobile to desktop mode is relatively easy. Game stats and road maps will help you note the numbers not in the shoe, helping you predict with considerable precision what number might be in the dealer’s hand.

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