December 22, 2021

Top Live Dealer Dragon Tiger Games

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Dragon Tiger is undoubtedly a popular game across Asian casinos. It is a simplified Baccarat variant with two cards, one for the Dragon and the Tiger. Interesting as it might get, placing live bets on such dreaded animals is now possible even in Non-Asian casinos. Unlike in the past, where the game featured in the Asian market, especially Cambodia, Dragon Tiger live games have now found their way to European gaming houses, thanks to technology.

Top Live Dealer Dragon Tiger Games

What is Dragon Tiger Live Game?

Dragon Tiger live is a 2-card baccarat variant. In live versions, two cards are drawn, each for the respective Dragon and Tiger. The player predicts and places the bet on either the Dragon or Tiger to win. You can also bet for a tie. The game features a single draw; as such no complicated procedures or rules to play.

Dragon Tiger General Rules

Different Types of Live Dealer Dragon Tiger Games

There are several versions of this game. Developers are keen to upstage each other with exciting additions meant to boost the player experience. Despite many variants, the basic mechanics and rules of the game remain essentially unchanged. A few of these versions include:

  • Evolution Gaming's Live Dragon Tiger Live. It has a well-lit slick table with flashy Dragons and Tigers in the backdrop to indicate the winning bet. Unlike many other versions, this evolution's game is differentiated by Tie Bets with an expected payout of 11:1, unlike the regular payouts of 8:1. The suited Tie Bet pays 50:1

  • Ezugi's Live Dragon Tiger. Do not expect side bets with this variant, as it only has three straightforward chances. The most remarkable feature, though, is the "re-bet" button.' This button gives ample time to reset your bets accordingly before placing a final stake. Payouts are; Dragon or Tiger bets payouts are even. A Tie Bet has an 8:1 payout. If you place your bet chips on either Tiger or Dragon and the ga me's outcome is a tie, you will get back half of the amount wagered.

  • Playtech's Live Dragon Tiger. Like other variants, the gameplay is simple. Players place bets on the Dragon, Tiger, or a Tie. The live croupier deals each card to the dragon's or tiger's positions. Card with a higher rank wins. As usual, Dragon and Tiger bets pay even money. If you lose your bet, the entire wager is considered lost. In the case of a Tie scenario, you get back 50% of the amount at stake.

Dragon Tiger Live Game Wrap Up

I find Dragon Tiger live game among the easiest to play. Grasping the rules of the game is effortless. Excitedly, live croupiers are just a few clicks on your button, courtesy of the many online versions of the game available in global virtual casinos. Though Dragon Tiger has three basic bets, you are free to explore loads of other side bets, including but not limited to big/small bets, suit bets, and red/black bets.

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