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November 17, 2021

Live Dragon Tiger (Playtech) Game Review

Aria Williams
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Playtech’s 2020 release of Live Dragon Tiger was highly awaited by lovers of the game. In general, Dragon Tiger is a simple game to play. The dealer places two face-down cars in two betting positions. Players then bet on which of the two positions has a higher value. On rare occasions, the game might end in a tie. That is, the dragon and Tiger positions have the same value when the cards are turned. In that case, players get a 50% refund on their bets. Take a look below for details of playing and winning in Live Dragon Tiger by Playtech.

Live Dragon Tiger (Playtech) Game Review

Outline of Live Dragon Tiger

Live Dragon Tiger comprises many aspects of the original game. For instance, card ranking is the same where Aces count as ones. In addition, burn cards are picked out when each round begins and at the beginning of each new shoe. The dealer has eight decks of cards in the shoe which are shuffled at the start of each round. Players can bet on a tie and win in the ratio of 10:1, which is less than the 11:1 payout on Evolution’s variation.

Live Dragon Tiger Side Bets

The new version of Dragon Tiger adds multiple betting options to the basic positions of Live, Dragon, and Tiger. All side bets pay in the ratio of 1:1. Check all possible side bets in the list below:

  • Big- You win this bet if the winning hand has the value of 8 or higher
  • Small – You win this if the winning hand has the value of 8 or lower
  • Odd- You win this bet if the winning hand has an odd value. That is, A,3,5,9, J, or K
  • Even- You win this bet if the winning hand has an even value. That is, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, or Q

When playing side bets, a winning hand with the value of 7 leads to losses.


  1. Interfaces

You have a choice of full-screen and mixed-mode interfaces. The latter works well on slow network connections and contains fewer details than the full-screen mode.

  1. Roadmap

You can view the shoe’s roadmap to help you keep track of the game’s progress.

  1. Settings

The game allows users to customize gameplay in several ways:

  • You can reduce the video quality if you have slow internet or play with a low-end device.
  • You can turn off the sound effects and the dealer’s voice.
  • You can view the session’s history and open the cashier section with the tap of one button.
  1. Location

The game is set in Manila, Philippines, and streamed from Playtech’s live studio. All buttons are labeled in English, and the dealers speak with clear accents. As a result, you will have no trouble understanding the instructions during gameplay or navigating the game.


Dragon Tiger is the perfect game for learners. It is easy to understand and doesn’t require much skill or strategy. In addition, each round takes a few minutes. The tie bet in Playtech’s version of the game is not the best. However, it makes a good pass time for players looking for a new way to experience classic casino games.

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