September 15, 2021

The Technology behind Live Dragon Tiger Casinos

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Technology is now part of every industry in the modern world. However, we are far from having fully autonomous systems.

The Technology behind Live Dragon Tiger Casinos

That is to say, human input is still required to get things done right. So how do human workers and machines work together? To paint a clear picture of how humans and automated systems create a synergy that works, we explore the use of technology in live dealer Dragon Tiger casinos.

The Delicate Balance between Automation and the Human Touch

Automated systems are great at improving efficiency by handling repetitive tasks. But not every sector needs a boost in efficiency to make things better. Some sectors like customer care require the human touch. Automation in such sectors only works to ease the work for humans.

Use of AI in Dragon Tiger Casinos

Physical casinos underwent a significant transformation since the discovery of the Internet. Today, members can play Dragon Tiger at the casinos without going to the physical location. In addition, technology allows software developers to develop games that mimic actions that happen at a physical casino.

Why is the Live Dealer Section So Popular?

The digital version of Dragon Tiger attracts lots of players. However, more players flock to the live dealer section for several reasons:

  • Human Interaction: Even the most advanced AI systems cannot replicate human interaction. Players feel safer seeing cards shuffled and dealt in real-time.

  • Engaging the dealer: Players can talk to the dealer in the live casino and chat among themselves. Due to this, live games feel just like playing at a real casino

  • Avoiding Crowded Spaces: When players flock to physical casinos, the rooms are likely to get crowded. That does not happen when playing in a live casino. Since players join live tables remotely, each player is in a different location.

  • Support: Any issues that players experience when playing at a live casino are addressed instantly. When playing outside the live casino, you have to wait for a response from customer support for hours or days.

How technology impacts the live dealer section

Going by the information in the section above, the human touch is crucial in live dealer gaming. Therefore, AI cannot fully replace humans. The alternative is combining technology with input from humans to achieve a perfectly working system. Some casinos have already implemented such technology in the live dealer section.

To do this, humans control the games. On the side, RFID sensors track and record their actions together with the players' actions. In the end, actions from players and the dealer are cross-referenced, and winnings are distributed following the rules.

The Synergy between Machines and Humans

Machines cannot function without the human touch. Likewise, humans cannot perform repetitive tasks as well as machines. The perfect balance involves humans and machines working together. However, each sector has different needs. As such, machines may replace more humans in some places more than others.


The live dealer Dragon Tiger section at any casino requires humans to function. With more technological innovations coming up, it will be fascinating to see how they make the humans involved in the live casino work more efficiently.

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