July 7, 2021

Dragon Tiger: A Popular Live Casino Game

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One of the easiest games to play in a land-based or online casino is Dragon Tiger. This is a simple game involving two cards, and players make their wager on which card—the dragon or the tiger—will show the higher amount. Players do not compete against the dealer, so the game is similar to baccarat. It has also been compared to Casino War in the sense that only one card is dealt to the Tiger and to the Dragon and there are no additional cards drawn.

Dragon Tiger: A Popular Live Casino Game

Many live casinos include Dragon Tiger in their game offerings. The sessions are often streamed live in full HD and with amazingly clear audio. The gaming experience is further enhanced by the game room's decoration and sometimes the dealer's attire, which reflect Dragon Tiger's Asian origins.

Dragon Tiger is simple and fast-paced, with a straightforward and smooth game play that doesn't include long pauses, interruptions, or hesitations. This is another reason why it suits the live casino format perfectly.

The Basics of Playing Live Dragon Tiger

A standard deck of 52 cards is used in Dragon Tiger, with no jokers or wilds. There are typically between 6 and 8 decks used in a game. The order and the rank of the cards follow their numerical value. The Ace is the lowest card while the King is the highest.

Players place their wagers on either the Dragon or the Tiger. The dealer will then deal both cards from the shoe, placing one on the field that is designated the Dragon and the other on the Tiger field. The cards are revealed face up, and the one with the higher value wins.

If both the Dragon and the Tiger fields are dealt cards with the same value, the hand is a tie and the house will earn half of the wagers placed. Similar to baccarat, a tie bet's payout is 8:1. However, the casino has a significant edge of 32.7% in tie bets, so players are advised to avoid this wager.

Dragon Tiger Bets

The Dragon bet, usually the spot on the left, has a 1:1 payout rate, or a payment percentage of 96.27%. The Tiger bet has similar payout rates and percentages. A tie bet offers an 11:1 payout rate or a payment percentage of 89.64%. Those who wager on a suited tie, or a tie with the same suit or color, can expect a payout of 50:1 or an 86.02% payment percentage.

Players can choose to place "big" or "small" bets. When players wager that the Dragon or Tiger spot will be big, they are betting that this spot will have a card that is over 7. A small bet is a wager that the spot will be dealt a card that is below 7. If either spot is dealt with a 7 card, the wager is lost.

The suit bet is another type of Dragon Tiger bet. Players select either the Dragon or the Tiger spot and make a guess the suit of the revealed card. The house takes all bets if a 7 is dealt to the chosen spot. The payout for suit bets is 3:1 if the correct suit is chosen.

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